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Democracy Ambassador

Two people sitting at a table in a polling station

Democracy Ambassador

Up close of a voting booth with a line of voters in the background

Become a Democracy Ambassador

Democracy is a team sport - join the effort to build every community’s trust and faith in Michigan’s secure elections.

Become a Democracy Ambassador to:

  • Get nonpartisan facts and resources about this year’s elections.
  • Spread the word in your community and online.
  • Combat elections misinformation in Michigan.

Step one: sign up for the Democracy Ambassador newsletter

Get regular updates on what every voter should know about Michigan elections, including how to spot and report misinformation. Each Democracy Ambassador newsletter will include social media graphics, flyers, and other helpful resources with facts and nonpartisan election information.


Step two: share election resources in your community 

Share resources and flood the feed on social media with accurate election information. Make sure everyone in your networks knows how to find the facts. Help us rise above the noise – call out any lies or misinformation meant to deceive Michigan voters.


Step three: sign up to be a poll worker 

Learn about Michigan’s secure elections firsthand – sign up to be a poll worker in your local community. Democracy MVP, our state’s nonpartisan, award-winning poll worker recruitment program, connects clerks across the state with people willing to serve their community by working the elections this year. Get trained, get paid, and take an active role in our democracy!