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Standard plate options

Ordering a plate

Plates may be ordered through Online Services or by mail, using the designated application.
Replacement license plates may be ordered online or while completing a tab renewal at a self-service station.

Standard plates cost $5. Registration and plate personalization fees apply. 

Standard plate options

Pure Michigan license plate

Pure Michigan

The Pure Michigan plate became available in 2013 and is the standard license plate.

Pure Michigan application

Mackinac Bridge license plate

Mackinac Bridge

The latest in graphic plates, the Mackinac Bridge Plate offers residents a chance to show their state pride in a way that is Pure Michigan. One of the most iconic of Michigan landmarks, the Mackinac Bridge is featured front and center on this beautifully designed plate.

Mackinac Bridge application

Water-Winter Wonderland license plate

Water-Winter Wonderland

Note: The registration tab should be placed in the lower right corner of the plate, rather
than the upper right corner like with any other vehicle plate.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and celebrate Michigan's four-seasons appeal by purchasing a Water-Winter Wonderland license plate. First issued in 1965, and reissued beginning in 2021, the Water-Winter Wonderland plate replaced its predecessor, the Water Wonderland plate, which was produced from 1954 to 1964.

Water-Winter Wonderland application

Permanent trailer license plate

Permanent Trailer

Trailers and trailer coaches are registered with a permanent, non-expiring trailer plate based on the unit's weight. Trailer plates are nontransferable and must be purchased at a Secretary of State office.

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