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Election Modernization Advisory Committee


In February 2019, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced an Election Modernization Advisory Committee to advise her administration and the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections on the implementation of the Promote the Vote constitutional amendment and further election reforms.

Members of the committee include county, city and township clerks from across the state, Michigan-based voting rights advocates, and local and national election experts.

“The results of last November’s election are clear: Michigan voters want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Benson said in her announcement. “I am grateful to the local and national experts who have agreed to come together to ensure we do just that, modernizing our elections, applying best practices and making Michigan a national model for clean, efficient and secure elections.”


  • Tripp Adams
  • Jackie Beaudry
  • David Becker
  • Nick Ciaramitaro
  • Mary R. Clark
  • Sharon Dolente
  • Martha Gonzalez-Cortes
  • Trey Grayson
  • Rachel Huddleston
  • Elizabeth Hundley
  • Mary Kotowski
  • Benjamin Marentette
  • Amber McReynolds
  • Tammy Patrick
  • Whitney Quesenbery
  • Justin Roebuck
  • Joe Rozell
  • Matt Singer
  • Khalilah Spencer
  • Julia Stonestreet
  • Chris Swope
  • Natalie Tennant
  • Christopher Thomas (chair)
  • Robin Troyer
  • Nancy A. Waters
  • Matthew Weil
  • Janice Winfrey