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Collector plate options

Collector plate information

Michigan offers many of its license plates for purchase as collector (souvenir and sample) license plates. The plates look like the regular license plates with the same colors and logos, but are for display purposes only - not for vehicle registration.

There are a number of types of plates offered as collector plates, including university fundraising plates, special cause fundraising plates, nonprofit organization plates, and veteran plates, as well as a number of regular and limited-issue plates. The plates are sold as single plates and can be purchased for a one-time fee per plate. There is no limit to the number of license plates that you may purchase.

Orders can be submitted by mail, and payment is accepted by check or money order made payable to “State of Michigan." Complete the order form and mail with your payment. Your order will be processed and mailed to you within 10 business days from the receipt of your order.

Collector plates

Michigan State University license plate


Collector versions of each university license plate can be purchased for a one-time fee of $35. The selected university will receive $25. Each plate displays the university logo on the left side of the plate with the letters SAMPL on the right side of the plate.

The university plates that are available include:

  • Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Ferris State University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Northern Michigan University
  • Oakland University
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • University of Michigan - Flint
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University

University collector order form

Michigan Fraternal Order of Police license plate

Nonprofit organization

Collector versions of each nonprofit public service organization can be purchased for a one-time fee of $10 per plate.

The nonprofit public service organization plates include:

  • Michigan State Fire Fighters Union (union)
  • Michigan State Firemen's Association (volunteer)
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan

Nonprofit collector order form

Children's Trust Fund license plate

Special cause

Collector versions of special cause license plates can be purchased for $35 each. The special cause receives $25.

Available special cause collector plates include:

  • Agricultural Heritage
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Children's Trust Fund
  • Detroit Lions
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Donate Life
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Lighthouse Preservation
  • Olympic Education Center
  • Patriotic
  • Support Michigan Veterans
  • Veterans Memorial
  • Water Quality
  • Wildlife Habitat

Special cause collector order form

Pure Michigan license plate


Collector versions of standard license plates can be purchased for $10 per plate. Collector plates cannot be used for vehicle registrations and are for display purposes only.

Standard collector plates include:

  • Pure Michigan
  • Pure Michigan - Amateur Radio Operator (ARO)
  • Pure Michigan - Historical
  • Pure Michigan (motorcycle)
  • Mackinac Bridge
  • Mackinac Bridge (motorcycle)
  • Great Lakes Splendor
  • Water Wonderland
  • Water-Winter Wonderland

Standard collector order form

Navy Veteran License Plate - Blue

Military and veterans

Collector versions of veteran license plates can be purchased in a standard (Pure Michigan) version for $10 per plate.

The veteran plates include:

  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal
  • Afghanistan Conflict Veteran
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Army Veteran
  • Coast Guard Veteran
  • Combat Wounded Veteran (Purple Heart)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Veteran
  • Disabled Veteran
  • Dominican Republic Conflict Veteran
  • Ex-Prisoner of War (Ex-POW)
  • Grenada Conflict Veteran
  • Iraq Campaign Medal
  • Iraq Conflict Veteran
  • Korean War Veteran
  • Laos Conflict Veteran
  • Lebanon Conflict Veteran
  • Marine Corps Veteran
  • Military Reserve Member
  • National Guard Member
  • Navy Veteran
  • Panama Conflict Veteran
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Persian Gulf Veteran (Desert Storm)
  • Somalia Conflict Veteran
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Vietnam War Veteran
  • World War II Veteran

Military collector order form