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Personalized plates

Standard white and blue Michigan license plate with PUREMI as the plate number

Personalized plates

How can I personalize my plate?

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Personalized plates

Plate may be personalized with up to 6 or 7 characters, depending on plate type. All plate configurations are based on availability and are subject to review by the Michigan Department of State. The department has the authority to decline to issue a configuration, per state law.

  • Only use letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 (symbols cannot be processed)
  • Spaces are allowed and are counted as characters
  • The letter ‘O’ is substituted by the number ‘0’

Note: Colors, fonts, and spacing online may appear differently than actual plates.

Check for plate availability

  • Under section 257.803b of the Michigan Vehicle Code, the Secretary of State may issue a personalized license plate instead of a standard plate. This voluntary program allows individuals to request a particular configuration for their license plate. Because the Michigan Vehicle Code requires that the Secretary of State shall prescribe the letters and numbers for all plates, not all requests will be granted.

    The Secretary of State will not issue a configuration of either letters, numbers or letters and numbers that carries a connotation that is profane, obscene; a swear word of depicts a swear word; sexually explicit or graphic; excretory-related; used to describe intimate body parts or genitals; used to describe alcohol, alcohol use, drugs, drug culture or drug use; used to describe illegal activities or illegal substances; use to substantially interfere with plate identification for law enforcement purposes; used to disparage or promote or condone hate or violence directed at any type of business, group or persons, a foreign word falling into these categories, or that conflicts with the regular license plate numbering system.

    Please note: The Michigan personalized plate program is a voluntary program and may be suspended or canceled at any time. Under the Michigan Vehicle Code, the license plate is state property. Once issued, if at a later date the plate choice is determined to conflict with the standards listed, the Department of State may recall the license plate. (v.a)

Ordering information

    • Original plate: Apply for a personalized plate at any Secretary of State office or online. A non-refundable personalized service fee of $30.00 will be assessed in addition to the registration fee.
    • Renewing: Personalized plates can be renewed online, by mail, or at any self-service station. A $15 personalized service fee is assessed upon renewal in addition to the annual plate fee.

    A second decorative plate may be purchased for $5 but can’t be used as a registered plate on a vehicle.

    We advise you to order your plate as soon as you’ve checked its availability since we can’t guarantee that someone else won’t also be applying for the same letter/number configuration. You will receive a receipt for your plate pending its approval. Approved plates are mailed from Lansing.

Step-by-step guide to order a personalized license plate online

1. Start the process on the Online Services website.

  • Go directly to the Personalized Plate Look Up or select "Check Personalized Plate Availability" under Vehicle Searches on Online Services
  • Check the "I'm not a robot" box and, if necessary, complete the reCAPTCHA
  • Select "Continue to Personalized Plate Check"

2. State how your plate will be used.

  • Answer if the plate will be used for a motorcycle or a disability plate (answers could affect plate availability)
  • Select "Next"
Mouse scrolling over "Will this plate before a motorcycle?" and selecting no. Mouse then scrolls over "Will this be for a disability plate?" and selects no before clicking the next button.

3. Choose your plate category.

  • Choose a plate category from:
    • Special Cause Fundraising
    • Standard/Commercial
    • University Fundraising
    • Veteran and Military Service (These plates are not currently available to order online.) 
  • Select "Next"
Mouse choosing "University Fundraising" and then selecting the Next button

4. Select your plate type.

  • Choose the design you would like for your personalized plate (press the "Previous" button if you need to choose a different category).
  • Select "Next"
Mouse choosing "University of Michigan Dearborn" before selecting Next

5. Check that your desired personalization is available.

  • Enter the desired letter and number combination
  • Select "Check Availability"
    • If the plate is available, a message will appear along with an "Order Plate" button.
    • If the plate is not available, you will a message along with the reason why it is not available.
    • If you would like to search for another plate number, select "Check Another Plate" and repeat the search.
  • Once you have confirmed that your preferred configuration is available, select "Order Plate" to continue in the process.
Mouse moving over input and typing "23GRAD" and selecting "Check availability." Notification shows "This plate number is currently available" with a green check icon. Mouse then selects "Order Plate."

6. Login or create a MiLogin account.

MiLogin is the State of Michigan's secure, centralized login system. It is required to access your online Secretary of State account.

  • After entering your MiLogin username and password, select "LOGIN"; or select "SIGN UP" to create a MiLogin account (additional steps necessary)
  • Once logged in, select "Secretary of State Online Services" under the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) heading
  • Select "Acknowledge/Agree" to the Terms and Conditions
Screenshot of MiLogin landing page

7. Verify your identity in Online Services.

  • Verify your identity by entering your:
    • First and last name
    • ID number (Michigan driver's license or personal identification card)
    • Date of birth
    • Last four of your Social Security Number
  • Check the "I Agree to the Access Terms & Conditions" box
  • Check the "I am not a robot" box
  • Select "Confirm"
Identity verification screen in Online Services

8. Select your vehicle to order a new plate.

  • Once on your Online Services dashboard, scroll to the vehicle you want to order a personalized plate for.
  • Select "Order a New Plate"
Mouse scrolls over and selects "Order a New Plate" link

9. Select your plate and personalization details.

Plate details

  • Answer "Why are you replacing your plate?" using the dropdown menu options
  • Answer questions regarding your address (additional steps required if any answers are "Yes")
  • Select "Next"

Plate categories

  • Select "Yes" to "Would you like to change your plate type?"
  • Choose your plate category and then select "Continue to Plate Type Selection"

Plate background

  • Choose your plate type and then select "Next"


  • Choose "Yes" to "Would you like to personalize your plate?"
  • Enter the plate number you would like
  • Enter the meaning of your desired plate number
  • Choose whether you would like to purchase a second identical plate
  • Select "Next"


  • Look over fees for your plate and then select "Next"


  • On the Summary screen, if everything is correct, select "Submit"
  • Once on the Checkout screen, select "Checkout" to be taken to the CEPAS website for payment.
  • Select your payment method (Pay Using a Credit Card or Pay From a Checking Account) and then select "OK"
  • You now will be taken to the CEPAS website for payment
A screenshot of the vehicle information screen of the personalized plates process

10. Pay for your plate on the CEPAS website.

  • Once on the CEPAS website, confirm your method of payment and select "Next"
  • Enter your billing address and payment details then select "Next"
  • On the Payment Review screen, confirm your information and then select "Pay Now"
  • From the completion screen, you have the option to "Print Receipt" or "View Transaction Documents"
Screenshot of the landing page of the CEPAS payment website