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Michigan Business United for Elections


The 2024 elections are here, and leaders across our civic society are working to support their communities amidst the noise.

A strong and healthy economy requires a strong and healthy democracy. Voter participation in our past two elections has been strong – Michiganders are engaged and using their voting rights to make their voices heard. The Michigan Department of State is working to engage civic stakeholders across all sectors including faith leaders, community organizations and educational institutions. This month, the Michigan Department of State launched the Michigan Business United for Elections effort, which seeks to bring business leaders together in support of safe, secure and accessible elections in Michigan.

Headed into this election season, there are three concrete ways business leaders can be partners in a nonpartisan way to be trusted voices in this conversation.

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1. Ensure employees know they have time to vote.

The most commonly reported reason for not voting is being too busy or having a conflicting work or school schedule (U.S. Census, 2023). Now, Michiganders have many convenient options to vote: early in-person voting, absentee voting, or in-person voting on the traditional Election Day. Making sure employees know that they have many convenient options to vote helps them overcome scheduling issues and cast their ballot.

2. Promote nonpartisan information on voting.

The Michigan Department of State provides accurate and nonpartisan information on voting, materials, and content. Help us spread the word about upcoming Michigan elections and options for voting.

Opportunities include:

  • Publishing QR codes linking to official voter registration portal on your website, print them on products, or include them in company advertisements.
  • Hosting or sponsoring voter education events and registration drives.
  • Sharing voter information with your subscribers via email or on social media.

3. Encourage employees to serve as poll workers.

Democracy is a team sport, and poll workers are the MVPs! Michigan needs more election workers in 2024 to help run local elections during the early voting period and on Election Day.

Encourage your employees and supporters to serve by signing up with the State of Michigan’s poll worker recruitment program, Democracy MVP. Learn more at