Political Party Committee Forms and Instructions

These forms are now updateable.  Please fill in the necessary fields as needed and print.  These forms are used to file Pre-Election, Post Election, Quarterly, Annual, Dissolution and amended campaign statements on paper.

A state level, congressional district level or county level political party organization has 10 days to form an register a Statement of Organization as soon as it receives or spends $500.00 or more in a calendar year to influence voters for or against the nomination or election of one or more candidates in Michigan or makes expenditures for the qualification of a new political party.  The statement of organization is also used to keep up-to-date contact information, and request a Reporting waiver if the committee does not expect to spend or receive more than $1,000 (See Appendix C for requirement of obtaining a reporting waiver).

**Committees required to file electronically cannot use these forms.  See Appendix D for more information.

Forms and Instructions: 

·  Political Party Cover Page - Each Campaign Statement must include a complete cover page with each filing.

·  Political Party Itemized Contributions Schedule 3A - Used to report direct contributions or loans of money from a person regardless of amount.

·  Political Party Other Receipts Schedule 3A-1 - Used to report interest, misc., refunds, rebates, returned/uncashed checks or loans from banks.

·  Political Party In-Kind Contributions Schedule 3-IK - Used to report contributions of goods or services from the candidate, person or other committees.

·  Political Party Itemized Expenditures Schedule 3B - Used to report direct expenditures of money of $50.01 or more in value.

·  Political Party Independent Expenditures Schedule 3B-1 - Used to report independent expenditures.

·  Political Party In-Kind Expenditure Schedule 3B-2 - Used to report fair market value of goods or services donated to other committees or organizations.

· Political Party Get-Out-The-Vote Activities Schedule 3B-G - Used to report expenditures made for election day get out the vote activities.

·  Political Party Debts and Obligations Schedule 3E - Used to report funds owed by or owed to the committee.

·  Political Party Committee Forms and Instructions Booklet - Complete booklet of all campaign finance forms and instructions.




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