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Elections in Michigan

Registering to vote and obtaining an absentee voter ballot. Find out where to vote and what type of voting equipment is available at your polling place. Learn what candidates and ballot proposals are on the ballot.
Use the Michigan Voter Information Center to find your polling place, view your sample ballot, learn about your voting equipment and more.
The dates and deadlines you need to know when running for office. Find the requirements for filing for office and filing campaign finance statements.
Elections administration, including the Election Inspector's Guide; absentee voting; and the Michigan Qualified Voter File.
Information and statistics related to upcoming elections.
State primary results and general election race results.
Find information about the Board of State Canvassers and its meeting notices.
Casino disclosure, including who is required to file a registration; how to search casino registration filings online; and the Casino Interest Registration Act. Find manuals and forms.
Lobbyists, including who is required to file; how to search lobbyists' filings online; the Lobby Registration Act and Administrative Rules. Find manuals and forms.
Legal Defense Funds
The Bureau of Elections through publications. Find the most requested forms.
Citizens Redistricting Commission