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Democracy MVP

Become an election worker in Michigan!

Get trained, get paid and help your community by serving as an election inspector (i.e. a poll worker). Local election clerks across the state are seeking individuals skilled in technology and project management to serve as election inspectors and precinct chairpersons.

  • Complete the steps to become an election inspector in Michigan
  • Election inspector resource library
  • Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in serving, complete the following steps to join the Democracy MVP team! 
Please note: Democracy MVP does not recruit or hire election challengers or poll watchers. What’s the difference?

Step 1: Complete the Democracy MVP Election inspector Interest Form. 
Once submitted, your information will be provided to local election clerks looking to hire workers for upcoming elections. Learn more about the interest form
Complete the election inspector interest form 

Step 2: Apply with a local clerk directly.
You can increase your chance of being hired to serve as an election inspector on Election Day by contacting a local clerk directly. Learn more about applying at clerk’s offices.

Step 3: Wait to be contacted 
Applying as an election inspector is applying for a job. This means you may be contacted by a local clerk to be hired, or you may not! For updates on your application, please contact the local clerk’s office where you applied directly. Learn more about the hiring process.

Election inspection resources

Managing Your Precinct on Election Day: Election Inspector Reference Manual
This reference guide and procedure manual is made available in every precinct on Election Day. Poll workers can use it to quickly answer questions or concerns that may arise on Election Day.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)