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How can I file a complaint?

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By mail

File a complaint by mail

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What do I need to file a complaint? (Choose tab)

To file a complaint online, you will need to:

  • Visit Online Services.
  • Locate the “Complaints” section and select the link associated with your complaint.
  • Follow the screen prompts to file your complaint.

Go to Online Services

Vehicle dealer, repair facility, or mechanic complaint:

  • Complete an Automotive Complaint (SOS-197) form.
  • Mail, fax, or email the form with all supporting documentation to:

    Michigan Department of State
    Regulatory Monitoring Division
    PO Box 30046
    Lansing, MI 48909-7546
    Fax: 517-335-3192

Automotive Complaint form

Driver education applicant, provider, or instructor complaint:

  • Complete a Statement of Complaint (DES-P11) form.

Statement of Complaint (DES-P11) form

Certified Driver Education Instructor Preparation Program (IPP) agency or instructor complaint:

  • Complete a Statement of Complaint (DES-P12) form.

Statement of Complaint (DES-P12) form

Driver testing business complaint

Statement of Complaint form

Email driver education complaint forms as follows:

Driver testing business complaint forms only:

All other driver education complaint forms:

This transaction is not available at self-service stations.

This transaction is not available at Secretary of State offices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Before filing a formal complaint, talk with the manager or administrator of the facility, dealership, or program. They have the authority to work with you and resolve your concerns whenever possible.

    If your complaint still isn’t resolved after meeting with the manager or administrator, you may file a complaint with the Michigan Department of State, using our Online Services, mail, fax or email.

  • The Michigan Department of State's Regulatory Monitoring Division investigates complaints involving motor vehicle sales and repairs. Title and repair issues are two of the most common complaints received.

    For vehicle purchases from a dealership, file a complaint if you haven’t received your title and registration within three weeks of the sale.

    For vehicles purchased in a private sale, we encourage the buyer and seller to schedule a visit to a Secretary of State office to transfer the title and register the vehicle. If this isn’t possible, sellers are encouraged to keep a detailed record of the sale for at least 18 months as proof they no longer own the vehicle.

    For vehicle repairs, file a complaint if you believe you were charged for repairs that weren’t done or if you were told you needed repairs that you later found weren’t needed. You may still file a complaint even if you didn’t have the repairs done.

  • The Michigan Department of State doesn’t have the authority to investigate complaints that aren’t covered by the Michigan Vehicle Code or the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act. The following list describes frequent complaints outside the authority of our department and provides alternatives for assisting with these issues.

    • Complaints involving design and equipment, including recalls – Call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 800-424-9393.
    • Auto insurance coverage – Call the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services at 877-999-6442.
    • “Lemon Law” and unresolved warranty issues – Call the Michigan Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 877-765-8388.
    • New vehicle warranties or questions on warranty coverage or claims – Contact your dealer or the manufacturer’s regional office (review owner’s manual or ask your dealer for contact information). Better Business Bureaus are also equipped to handle some warranty complaints.

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