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Moped license

How do I get a moped license?

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What do I need to apply for a moped license? (Choose tab)

You must:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Have no other license
  • Have a parent or guardian’s approval if a minor

You will need to:

  • Visit a Secretary of State office
  • Bring documentation providing proof of a valid Social Security number, identity, citizenship or legal presence, and residency
  • Pass moped knowledge and vision tests
  • Have a parent or guardian sign the license application if a minor
  • Pay the moped license fee

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Original moped license - $7.50

Original enhanced moped license - $38

Moped license renewal - $6

Enhanced moped license renewal - $30

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Mopeds and motorcycles are registered differently under Michigan law. Some retailers may sell what appears to be a moped but is actually classified as a motorcycle. Michigan law (section 257.32b) defines a moped as having:

    • An engine that doesn’t exceed 100 cc’s piston displacement,
    • A power drive system that doesn’t require the operator to shift gears, and
    • A top speed of 30 mph or less on a level surface.

    If the vehicle exceeds any of these criteria, it is classified as a motorcycle and must be registered and titled as such. Operation of a motorcycle requires insurance, a motorcycle endorsement, and helmet use (helmets are required for operators and passengers under age 21).

  • If you are at least 15 years old and unlicensed, you may apply for a moped license at a Secretary of State office. Minors will need a parent or guardian’s approval. You must pass moped knowledge, traffic sign, and vision tests, and provide proof of a valid Social Security number, identity, citizenship, and residency.

    Residents with a standard, enhanced, or chauffeur’s license; a GDL Level 1 license with a moped privilege added; or a GDL Level 2 or Level 3 license may operate a moped without the need for a moped license.

    You aren’t eligible for a moped license if your operator or chauffeur's license is suspended, revoked, or denied.

    Acceptable documents

  • Helmet use is strongly encouraged when riding a moped for all moped users. Helmets are required for all moped operators under the age of 19.

    Eye protection, such as goggles, isn’t mandated but is encouraged.

  • Riding a moped on a bicycle path or on a sidewalk constructed for pedestrian use is illegal. Also, you don’t have the right to operate a moped in a full lane of traffic. You must stay to the right side of the lane and ride with traffic.

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