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How do I get a moped registration and decal?

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What do I need to register a moped and obtain a moped decal? (Choose tab)

Mopeds must be registered at a Secretary of State office unless operated solely on private property.

You will need:

  • Picture ID
  • Proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale
  • A completed Registering Your Moped form
  • A completed Appointment of Agent form if you are acting on behalf of the moped owner
  • Cash, check, money order, or valid debit or credit card

Moped registration application

Appointment of Agent form

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  • Moped original registration or renewal (includes moped decal) - $15
  • Replacement registration - $2
  • Replacement decal - $2
  • Defective decal – no-fee replacement

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Mopeds and motorcycles are registered differently under Michigan law. Some retailers may sell what appears to be a moped but is actually classified as a motorcycle. Michigan law (section 257.32b) defines a moped as having:

    • An engine that doesn’t exceed 100 cc’s piston displacement,
    • A power drive system that doesn’t require the operator to shift gears, and
    • A top speed of 30 mph or less on a level surface.
    If the vehicle exceeds any of these criteria, it is classified as a motorcycle and must be registered and titled as such. Operation of a motorcycle requires insurance, a motorcycle endorsement, and helmet use (helmets are required for operators and passengers under age 21).
  • Mopeds must be registered at a Secretary of State office unless operated solely on private property.

    • Your moped registration and decal are valid for three years and must be renewed by April 30 of the third year.
    • To renew your moped registration and decal, send us a note with your name, address, and moped decal number with your check or money order ($15 made payable to “State of Michigan”) before the expiration date to the:

      Michigan Department of State
      Internal Services Section
      7064 Crowner Drive
      Lansing, MI 48918-8264
  • You may request a replacement moped decal online or at a Secretary of State office if:

    • You are the legal owner of the vehicle.
    • Your moped registration isn’t expired.

    If your moped decal is defective, return it to any Secretary of State office for a no-fee replacement.

    If you believe your moped decal was stolen, contact law enforcement.

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