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Welcome to the Michigan Campaign Finance Searchable Database

Some helpful hints in using the database:

  1. Less is more in the database. For example, if you enter a portion of a name or only the last name, more records will be returned for you to review. Select the back button to refine or clear your search.
  2. The Clear and Search buttons are provided throughout the screen for your convenience and will work on the entire screen regardless of where you select them.
  3. Many Queries are downloadable: Look for the Spreadsheet Format check box.
  4. We are happy to help with your questions. Contact us at

To begin your search, use one of the following appropriate category:

Reliability and Quality of Data

The information presented in the Campaign Finance Reporting Database is, to the best of our ability, a timely and accurate representation of the campaign statements filed with the Bureau of Elections. 

Almost all of the information in the database has been filed electronically by the committees.  Some, but not all, of the information filed from1997 and 2004 was key entered from the original paper campaign statements filed by the committees. 

Starting in January of 2014, all committees spending or receiving $5,000.00 or more in a calendar year are required to file electronically. When the information is filed electronically, all of the information submitted by the committee is made available and the information is not changed or manipulated by the Bureau of Elections.   

As you are querying the data and viewing the results, you may find items which are inconsistent with filing requirements, such as blank items or incorrect data. It is likely that they are incorrect or missing in the database because they were incorrect or missing on the reports submitted to the Bureau. 

The information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. It is recommended that the information be cross-referenced with the original campaign statement on file with the Bureau. Committees may also have filed amendments or updates to their campaign statements which are not reflected in the database. Any data anticipated to be published should be confirmed with candidates and committees referenced.

Records Available

The data can be categorized in 3 ways:

  1. Committee information and filings: For all committees, (Candidate, PAC, Ballot Question and Political Party), the Statement of Organization information is available. The Statement of Organization information gives organizational information about the committee, i.e. the address information, treasurer information, etc. In addition, the individual filings and correspondence sent to the committee by this office is also available.
  2. Contributions and Expenditure Analysis: For committees that file electronically, the specific contributions and expenditures are made available.
  3. Late Contribution Reports: All Late contribution filings can be searched by selecting the Late Contribution Reports.