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State Level Office Supreme Court Contribution Limits

State Level Office/Supreme Court Contribution Limits

For more information on contribution limits, visit our Contribution Limit resource page of our Committee Manuals.
Contributor Individual

Political Committee

Independent Committee Caucus Committee** District or County Political Party Committee State Central Political Committee

Governor & Lt. Governor
with Public Funding

$8,325 $8,325 $83,250 $83,250 $30,000 $750,000
  • Governor & Lt. Governor without Public Funding
  • Secretary of State
  • Attorney General
  • State Board of Education
  • University of Michigan Regents
  • Michigan State University Trustees
  • Wayne State University Governors
  • Justice of the Supreme Court
$8,325 $8,325 $83,250 $83,250 $83,250 $166,500
State Senate $2,450 $2,450 $24,500 *Unlimited $24,500 $24,500
State Representative $1,225 $1,225 $12,250 *Unlimited $12,250 $12,250

* A caucus committee is prohibited making a contribution to or an expenditure on behalf of a candidate if the candidate is running against opposition in a primary or pay a debt incurred by a candidate if the debt was incurred by the candidate while running against opposition in a primary. (MCL 169.252(2)(a) & (b))

** A person may not contribute more than $48,875.00 in a calendar year to a House or Senate Caucus Committee. The caucus committee also may NOT accept contribution s that exceed this limit. (MCL 169.252a)

Updated 12/2022