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Pending Rulings/Statements

Date of Request: 05/16/2024
Requestor: Michigan Association of Health Plans
Question Presented: Can a lobbyist or lobbyist agent provide complimentary admission to an educational conference for a lawmaker to attend as part of their duties as a public official for an appearance at the event, where admission to the event exceeds the current "gift" limit?

Date of Request: 05/14/2024
Requestor: Robert LaBrant
Question Presented: Whether a lobbyist or lobbyist agent,  or someone acting for a lobbyist or lobbyist agent,  may provide to a public official, as public official is defined in the Michigan Lobby Law, a gift of a ticket(s) to include, but not limited to sporting events, music concerts, theatre performances or a  round of golf valued over $76.00,  as long as the public official reimburses  the lobbyist or lobbyist agent for the value of the “gift” over $76.00?