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Election Day Management Training Videos: Sealing Containers

One of the most important election inspector duties is properly sealing the ballot container and recording of the sealing at the end of the night.  If the container can be opened and/or if the seal number is not properly written down in the poll book and on the ballot container certificate, the integrity of the ballots inside that container is compromised and therefore not recountable. 

Additional information can be found on these webpages: Voting Equipment  and Properly Sealing Containers

Click on the images below to watch videos that show the proper way to seal Michigan's most common ballot containers.

Or visit the Mi BOE YouTube Channel Playlist for Containers

Introduction To Sealing Containers     Blue Bag With Wheels Balot Container    Interlocking Zipper Bag Ballot Container 

Plastic Tub Ballot Container     Round Metal Can Ballot Container     Blue Bag Ballot Container

Metal Can Ballot Container     Two Door Ballot Container     Inappropriate Ballot Container