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Michigan Elections eLearning Center Information


Click this link to go to the Elections eLearning Center

The Elections eLearning Center is a powerful online and interactive learning management system with many features and functions. BOE has developed this internet training and resource site specifically for Michigan's election administrators.

The center will provide election administrators across the state with access to training courses, video tutorials, and webinars for self-paced training that fits into any schedule. In addition, our current manuals and other informational resources will be easily accessible via a more powerful searching tool and organizational structure. The system also includes extensive collaboration functions that will enable information sharing through specialized user groups and discussion boards on specific topics.

The Michigan Elections eLearning Center is designed to track and organize your training on an individual level. For this reason, the system requires a unique username and password, as well as an individual email address for communicating updates and training registrations. Clerks, Deputy Clerks, Election Directors, and other members of the city, township and county staff are all eligible for an account. We encourage all election administrators to join, access, and participate in this valuable resource.

To do so, each election administrator should complete the following steps:

  • Need to Set up an Account?  Please use the link on the login page 

  • After completing the online form, you will receive an email with your login ID and a temporary password . These are NOT automatically generated and will be processed during work days only.

  • Once you receive your login credentials, you can access the eLearning Center directly from the BOE website or at this link.

  • Forgot your ID or need to reset your password? Please use the link on the login page

  • Information on how to navigate the system and how to find content are available on the login page and on the homepage.