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Using the Dominion Voter Assist Terminal

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Ballot marking devices are available to all voters with special accommodations for hearing, visual, physical and other disabilities. This provides voters the opportunity to independently vote a ballot in complete privacy. This terminal marks the voter's selections on paper that becomes their ballot. Voters can select their choices using a touch screen. Personal adaptives may also be used to assist voters in making their selections. The completed ballot is then fed into a tabulator, which scans and records the votes.

Dominion ImageCast ICX

Dominion ImageCast ICX

Dominion ImageCast ICX Adaptives

Personal Adaptives


When using the ImageCast voter assist terminal, you will follow these steps:

Dominion ICX rec card

1.  Receive your unique voter card at the precinct check in

Dominion ICX insert card

2. Insert the card in the terminal

Dominion ICX card verified

3. The screen will verify you are ready to begin the voting process

Dominion ICX select choices

4. Select your choice for each race

Dominion ICX select write in

5. If there is a write-in candidate, select the choice on the list

Dominion ICX spell write in name

6. Use keypad to type the name

Dominion ICX review choices

7. When done with each race, review your selections 

Dominion ICX send to print

8. Choose to print the ballot

Dominion ICX ballot prints

9. Printer producing the ballot 


Dominion ICX ballot in sleeve

10. Retrieve ballot with secrecy sleeve

Dominion ICX return card

11. Tave voter card to return to precinct worker

Dominion tabulator

12. Proceed to the tabulator

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