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Using a Hart Verity Tabulator

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Once the voter has completed marking his ballot either with a pen from the voting booth or by a ballot marking device (voter assist terminal), the voter puts his ballot in a secrecy sleeve with the ballot stub exposed and proceeds to the precinct tabulator. The voter should hand the precinct worker the application to vote. The precinct worker will check that the number on the ballot stub matches the application to vote number. The precinct worker will tear off the ballot stub and instruct the voter to feed the ballot into the tabulator.

Hart Verity Tabulator

Hart Verity Tabulator


When you approach the tabulator, you will follow these steps:

Hart Tabulator screen

1. Screen shows tabulator is ready

Hart Tabulator Insert ballot

2. Insert ballot edge into slot

Hart Tabulator screens final

3. The screens show the ballot was successfully cast


Sometimes it is necessary to collect ballots in the auxiliary bin before tabulating. If needed, the precinct worker will instruct you to follow these steps:

Hart Tabulator Auxiliary bin

1. Auxiliary bin slot

Hart Tabulator aux Insert ballot

2. Insert ballot into slot


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