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Industry Services

  • Dealers who use CVR will continue to use CVR for most transactions. For taking assumption of a lien, dealers will need to log into e-Services to perform that transaction.

  • Log into your online account and select Manage Users. From there you can view a list of current users, add new users, or update and remove current users. To add users, select Add Users and fill out the new user's information. Once you submit the request and we approve the new user, they will receive an authorization code by email.

  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique identifier of 17 characters assigned to a motor vehicle, ORV, or snowmobile by the manufacturer. Vehicles with a different VIN format (such as imported vehicles) or that are missing a VIN, may have one assigned by MDOS.

    The HIN (Hull Identification Number) is a unique 12-digit number assigned to a vessel or watercraft by the manufacturer. Watercraft manufactured before 1972 weren’t issued a HIN.

    The VIN or HIN may be found on the vehicle:

    • Title
    • Registration
    • Certificate of insurance
    • Purchase records
    • Warranty information
    • Window sticker
    • Your insurance company may also have a record of the VIN or HIN.
  • Log into your online account and select Pay Account Balance. From there you can elect to pay the invoice amount, pay the account balance, or pay another specified amount.

  • To add an electronic lien, a lienholder ID must be entered. MDOS staff and dealers won’t be searching in CARS for a lienholder ID. It is the responsibility of the lienholders to supply this number to the dealer or the customer when approving their loans. The lienholder ID can also be found on the RD-108 or TR-11.

  • No office visits won’t be necessary. ELT lienholders or financial institutions are required to release electronic liens and add electronic liens (when refinancing) electronically. Once all electronic liens are released from a title, MDOS will print and mail the title to the customer.

  • No, however, if there are any questions on the CVR application or how to process transactions through the application please contact the CVR Helpdesk. Any questions related to Michigan Department of State procedures or paperwork can be referred to the MiEFS helpdesk at 517-636-0571 or