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Dealer Manual

Changes in law or policy may require periodic updates to the Dealer Manual. Revised chapters are no longer mailed to licensees, but will be placed on the Michigan Department of State's website with revision dates for comparison. Any corresponding chapters in your Dealer Manual having dates that do not match the revision dates should be removed and replaced.  

Issues that significantly impact dealers and their businesses are typically announced in Dealer Bulletins and Dealer Newsletters. Dealers should regularly check their e-Services account for important messages and updates.

NOTE: If a conflict appears between the language of this manual and the language of Michigan law, the law will prevail. Please refer to specific statute or consult an attorney if any conflict is perceived or encountered. The Michigan Vehicle Code can be accessed online at

Because of space limitations, the Dealer Manual only highlights basic requirements for Michigan dealers. It does not attempt to identify or explain every requirement of applicable law, rule or policy.


Chapter Number and Title  Revision Date
Table of Contents 01/2023
Introduction 03/2014
Important Telephone Numbers 01/2023
Chapter 1: Licensing Requirements 01/2023
Chapter 2: Record Keeping Requirements 06/2024
Chapter 3: Titling and Registration 05/2024
Chapter 4: Odometer Requirements 01/2023
Chapter 5: Distressed Vehicles 07/2023
Chapter 6: Broker Requirements 01/2023
Chapter 7: RD-108 Application for Title and Registration 10/2023
Chapter 8: Sales Tax 01/2024
Chapter 9: Foreign Salvage Vehicle Dealers 01/2023
Appendix A: Forms and Publications 01/2023
Appendix B: Branch Offices by City 05/2022