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Repair Facility Manual

Changes in law or policy may require periodic updates to the Repair Facility Manual. Revised chapters are no longer mailed to licensees, but will be placed on the site with revision dates for comparison. Any corresponding chapters in your Repair Facility Manual having dates that do not match the revision dates should be removed and replaced.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a conflict appears between the language of this manual and the language of Michigan law, the law will prevail.  Please refer to specific statute or consult an attorney if any conflict is perceived or encountered.  The Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act can be accessed online at


Chapter Number/Title Rev. Date
Table of Contents 05/2024
Introduction 12/2020
Chapter 1, Licensing Requirements 05/2022
Chapter 2, Record Keeping Requirements 02/2022
Chapter 3, Body Shops 05/2023
Chapter 4, Pre-Repair Requirements 05/2023
Chapter 5, Work in Progress Requirements 11/17/2023
Chapter 6, Post-Repair Requirements 11/17/2023
Chapter 7, Mechanic Certification Requirements 05/2024
Chapter 8, Motor Vehicle Mechanic Repair Categories 01/2023
Chapter 9, Working With RMD 11/17/2023
Repair Manual Frequently Asked Questions 03/2021
Appendix A, Consumer Information Sign 12/2020
Appendix B, Waiver of Estimate 12/2020
Appendix C, Notice of Parts Return 12/2020
Appendix D, Written Estimate 12/2020
Appendix E, Written Invoice 12/2020
Glossary of Terms 12/2020