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Special cause fundraising options

Ordering a plate

Plates may be ordered through Online Services or by mail, using the designated application.

Replacement license plates may be ordered online or while completing a tab renewal at a self-service station.

Fundraising plates cost $35. Registration and plate personalization fees apply. $25 is provided to the designated special cause fund for every plate sold.

Special cause fundraising

Agricultural Heritage license plate

Agricultural Heritage

Highlighting a red barn, silo, and rolling green fields crowned with the sun, the Agricultural Heritage Plate supports agricultural education programs for grades K-12.

Breast Cancer Awareness license plate

Breast Cancer Awareness

Money raised by the sale of the plates helps support the Michigan Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Since 1991, this program has provided low-income women access to life-saving cancer screening services and follow-up care, including cancer treatment if needed.

Children's Trust Fund license plate

Children Trust Michigan

Formerly known as the Michigan Children's Trust Fund, Children Trust Michigan is the only statewide organization whose sole focus is to proactively support programs with education, funding and resources across the state with a goal of preventing child abuse and neglect. We believe in a Michigan where children are happy, supported, and have access to a bright, safe future.

Detroit Lions license plate

Detroit Lions

A portion of the proceeds will support the Detroit Lions Foundation. This organization supports transformational efforts in underserved communities, working to create long-lasting impact through meaningful partnerships with local non-profits. They work to raise awareness and funding for these organizations, prioritizing critical needs in the community, with an emphasis on youth development, access and opportunity, and social justice initiatives in Detroit.

Detroit Pistons license plate

Detroit Pistons

A portion of the proceeds will support the Detroit Pistons Foundation, which administers funds for charitable causes in the Metro Detroit region. Your contribution will help promote the foundation’s community and social responsibility mission through education, health and fitness, mentoring, and equality.

Detroit Red Wings license plate

Detroit Red Wings

A portion of the proceeds will support the Detroit Red Wings Foundation. As part of the Hockeytown Cares community impact platform, the foundation invests in the future of our community by providing funds and resources to worthy causes that contribute to the growth of the sport of hockey. Annual initiatives introduce children and adults to the sport of hockey, the importance of education, and the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Detroit Tigers license plate

Detroit Tigers

A portion of the proceeds will support the Detroit Tigers Foundation, the official charity of the Detroit Tigers baseball club. The foundation helps enrich lives through the game of baseball with a focus on youth, education, and recreation.

Donate Life license plate

Donate Life plate

About 3,000 Michigan residents are waiting for an organ transplant to save their lives. The Donate Life plate helps promote the critical need for organ, tissue, and eye donors. 

Ducks Unlimited license plate

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited was formed in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America's drought-plagued waterfowl populations were severely decimated. A small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization that became known as Ducks Unlimited with the mission to conserve and promote waterfowl habitat.

Lighthouse Preservation license plate

Lighthouse Preservation

Michigan lighthouses have been protecting ships from treacherous waters since the establishment of Michigan's first lighthouse, the Fort Gratiot Light, in 1825. More than 240 lighthouses once guarded Michigan's shores; today only about 124 of these iconic beacons remain. A portion of the proceeds will support the work and revenue to ensure that Michigan's lighthouses have a bright future.

Olympic Education license plate

Olympic Education

The Olympic Education Center License Plate supports the U.S. Olympic Education Center at Northern Michigan University. The Olympic plate features the Olympic rings in bright primary colors with "USA" in brilliant red. The bottom center features the motto "Go Team USA."

Patriotic license plate


The red, white, and blue license plate featuring an American flag flying over a dark blue silhouette of Michigan, boldly displaying the phrase "Proud To Be American", benefits the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Support Michigan Veterans license plate

Support Michigan Veterans

Funds from the sales and renewals of this plate will be distributed by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to support outreach activities that benefit Michigan veterans and their families, including tuition support for Michigan National Guard members or children of the veterans’ tuition grant program, and funding for county and local veterans’ organizations.

Veterans Memorial license plate

Veterans Memorial

Featuring a pair of silver dog tags as a reminder of the men and women who have served their country, the Veterans Memorial Plate supports the Vietnam Veterans Memorial monument in Lansing.

Water Quality license plate

Water Quality

A red sailboat cuts through Michigan's deep blue waters under a cheery orange sun, bringing the message of the importance of protecting the state's water, our most valuable resource.

Wildlife Habitat license plate

Wildlife Habitat

Celebrating the recovery of the Kirtland's warbler, this wildlife habitat plate highlights the need to protect Michigan's non-game wildlife and habitat.