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Midwestern State Agriculture Leaders Give Thanks for The People Who Help Make Thanksgiving Meals Possible Every Year

As consumers peruse store shelves, they are in search of ingredients for their traditional Thanksgiving meals. Maybe it’s a classic stuffing recipe or the special cranberry sauce that’s the hallmark of your family meal. Or the perfect pumpkin pie. Those tasty dishes are the product of hard work by the nation’s farmers and producers, truckers, processors, grocery stores, and veterinarians.

Today’s graphic/poster features notes of thanks from the following commissioners, directors, and secretaries across the Midwest for the tireless work by those who make sure we all have food on our tables not only over the holidays, but every day:

Jerry Costello II, Director, Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA)
Bruce Kettler, Director, Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA)
Thom Petersen, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA)
Gary McDowell, Director, Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD)
Dorothy Pelanda, Director, Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA)
Randy Romanski, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

The group of leaders joined together to share their appreciation for essential agricultural and food workers, who continued to work throughout the pandemic and are a key piece to the fabric of our neighborhoods and communities.

For more information on each state’s agricultural department, visit their websites:

Illinois Department of Agriculture:
Indiana State Department of Agriculture:
Minnesota Department of Agriculture:
Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development:
Ohio Department of Agriculture:
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:

 Midwestern Agriculture Leaders