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Chunk Nibbles: The Next Family-Owned Michigan Snack Empire

Chunk Nibbles: The Next Family-Owned Michigan Snack Empire

"Easy to pick up, impossible to put down." This is the slogan of the young and hungry company, Chunk Nibbles, based in Troy, Michigan that is revolutionizing the American Snack Industry. Founded by Brad and Katie Cocklin in 2018, Chunk Nibbles has seen amazing growth over the past five years, even as a young start-up during the pandemic. This delicious gourmet snack mix company is built on sacrifice, dedication, strength, and belief and is inspired by a family recipe from Brad's grandmother, Cuddy. Brad believed so deeply in her delicious snack that he wanted to share it with others across the globe, and through this marital unit's hard work and endless sacrifices, they are doing just that.

Brad and Katie Cocklin with the Chunk Nibbles booth at Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023.

Brad and Katie partnered with Food Export - Midwest to participate in the Branded Program in May 2023 to attend Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois. The Branded Program provides tailor-made financial support to qualifying US companies. This cost sharing program allows participating companies to receive up to 50% reimbursement for marketing expenses such as promotional tools, media advertisements, travel to and from Food Export events, and much more. Because of the Branded Program, at Sweets & Snacks this year, Chunk Nibbles made 16 new international buyer contacts. They estimate that their export sales amounted to $240,000 because of their attendance at the trade show, and the Cocklin's expect that number to jump to another $470,000 in the next year. With the help of MDARD’s International Marketing Program, Chunk Nibbles made 87 domestic contacts and are expecting sales to rise to $2.3 million in the next year. Adding on to their impressive success, Chunk Nibbles does all its own manufacturing so that Brad and Katie can oversee and approve only the best quality nibbles for their consumers.

Brad and Katie Cocklin with their 2023 Best in Show Award.

Currently, Chunk Nibbles is available in four unique flavors: original, s'mores, peanut butter chocolate, and strawberry, and two seasonal flavors: apple cinnamon and peppermint. At 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo, Brad and Katie were given a glimpse into how successful they really are. Much to their surprise, Chunk Nibbles won the "Best in Show" award, in connection with their Apple Cinnamon snack mix. To create this award-winning snack, Chunk Nibbles collaborated with Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill in Armada, Michigan, displaying the true value of being proud Michigan companies. Chunk Nibbles hopes to return to Sweets & Snacks Expo in 2024 to continue to stir up success and make buyers everywhere fall in love with their product and their brand.

Chunk Nibbles presents a check for $5,000 based on their 2019 sales to Blue Star Service Dogs.

Chunk Nibbles is more than a bestselling snack company. Since the beginning, Brad wanted to find a way for his company to give back. Since his grandmother Cuddy inspired the premise behind Chunk Nibbles, Brad wanted to do something to honor his veteran grandfather as well. In 2018, the company partnered with Blue Star Service Dogs located in Pinckney, Michigan. Blue Star Service Dogs focuses on helping military veterans heal from their invisible wounds they gained while serving our country. The program works to increase the functioning bond between a veteran and their service dog. For every sale made by Chunk Nibbles, a piece of that sale goes back to help the cause. Brad and Katie also participate in Blue Star Service Dog events to further show their support.

What's next for Chunk Nibbles? Currently, their products are sold at stores all over Michigan such as Meijer, Great Lakes Ace Hardware, Plum Markets, and gourmet grocery stores, to name a few. These two chief executive nibblers are committed to their growing enterprise and hope to collaborate with more Michigan companies like theirs soon. Because of their strong commitment to their business, it’s clear that Brad and Katie Cocklin are the essence of Chunk Nibbles. With this couple’s passion and drive, the future of Michigan snack company is sweeter than it is salty.

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