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MDARD Grants Allowed Quality Roasting, LLC to Expand Operations to Michigan and Increase Production

In 2017, Quality Roasting, Inc (QRI) and the DeLong Co., Inc. (DeLCo) created a joint venture to process soybeans to produce crude soybean oil and a high by-pass soybean meal, Exceller Pro. The joint venture, Quality Roasting, LLC (QRLLC), uses QRI’s existing processing technology, business model, and existing branding. In 2019 QRLLC began crushing soybeans at their brand new facility in Reese, MI through a Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MDARD) Food and Ag Investment Fund grant they received in 2018. 

The goal of the company is to produce high-quality soybean meals for livestock diets. In 2000, QRI developed Exceller Pro, an expeller processed soybean meal that is high in by-pass protein. This soybean meal has been scientifically tested to meet or exceed performance standards of other nationally recognized soybean meal products and high by-pass proteins. 

The new Reese facility became their third location. QRLLC was looking for locations with a high dairy concentration and locally grown soybeans. Michigan fulfilled these criteria items better than any state in the United States.

“With the support of MDARD, we have not only been able to expand our geographical footprint but also diversify our portfolio of products. Michigan’s varied agriculture and MDARD’s strong community has allowed us to make connections in the industry that we had not had prior,” said Erin Davis, President of Quality Roasting, LLC. “We have been able to grow our processing capabilities and provide new career opportunities in Reese.  I cannot be more thankful for the partnership we have formed with MDARD over the last 6 years, and I look forward to that partnership continuing to grow in the future. – Erin Davis, CEO, Quality Roasting.”

QRLLC received a second Food and Ag Investment Fund grant in 2024 to expand their Reese facility’s processing capabilities by adding a soybean oil purification facility. This new facility will create five new jobs with an investment of $15.8 million. The facility will take the crude soybean oil created by the existing crushing process and purify it into a food grade vegetable oil for human consumption. The final product of this new process will be shipped in bulk to various food packagers and food processors as a finished oil product or as a food ingredient.

Through their connection with MDARD, QRLLC has been able to build relationships with a more diverse agri-business community. With these new relationships, they are able to expand their product portfolio. Previously, they focused mainly on the dairy feed industry, however, since moving to Michigan they have created soybean meals for the poultry and swine feed industries, as well as the organic livestock industry. QRLLC has added 13 full-time positions in their Reese, Michigan facility, and will be adding 5 additional jobs with their 2024 grant funding through MDARD.