200 semifinalists drawn for the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

Map Michigan's Future for Fair ElectionsJUNE 24, 2020

Semifinalist applications now available to view online

The 200 semifinalists for Michigan’s first Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission were randomly-selected this morning by the Michigan Department of State (MDOS). The random selection was performed by Rehmann LLC, the independent accounting firm hired through public bidding process to facilitate the random selection. The 200 applications are now available to the public on RedistrictingMichigan.org.

“We are extremely grateful for the thousands of Michiganders who have been excited and engaged in this process from the very beginning,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “With this semifinalist selection we’ve moved to the next phase of the process, and are one step closer to making Michigan history and having fair and representative legislative maps drawn by the people.”

The semi-finalists were drawn from a pool of 9,326 applications. Per the Michigan Constitution, the semi-finalist pool must be representative of geographic and demographic makeup of the state. The group was required to have 60 applicants who affiliate with the Democratic Party, 60 applicants who affiliate with the Republican Party, and 80 applicants who do not affiliate with either major party. Data to determine the demographic makeup of the state, and thus the criteria for the selection software, was pulled from the 2018 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate, which is available to the general public via the American Community Survey Data Profiles online search tool.

The entire selection process was conducted via livestream, with Stephen Blann of Rehmann LLC operating the selection software and then matching the 200 selected applicant ID numbers to the corresponding applicants in real time. Video of the process is available on the website and archived on MDOS’s Youtube channel and social media platforms.

The 200 randomly-selected semifinalists and their application information has been made available to the public at RedistrictingMichigan.org. The semifinalist applications will now be delivered to the Legislature where leaders in both chambers and parties will have the month of July to each strike up to 5 applicants from the pool, also per the Michigan Constitution. The final selection for the 13 commissioners will take place in August.

For a more detailed breakdown of the selection process methodology and answers to other frequently asked questions regarding the semifinalist pool, visit RedistrictingMichigan.org.

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