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Post-election audit report confirms accuracy and integrity of Michigan's election

Bureau of Elections report summarizes more than 250 audits from across the state

The Michigan Bureau of Elections released its report today on the 250 post-election audits conducted across the state, affirming the accuracy and integrity of Michigan's November 2020 election.

"The audits are concrete evidence that November's election was fair, secure and accurate, and that the results reflect the will of Michigan voters," said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. "Legislators should be working to build on this success, rather than seeking to undo the policies that made it possible."

The more than 250 audits that took place reflect the largest number ever conducted in the state - another success following Michigan's record-setting turnout in November. The report highlighted the ethical, bipartisan and transparent nature of the audits, which were conducted by Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan officials across the state, and served as further evidence debunking lingering conspiracy theories about the election.

Election officials audited every ballot cast for president in Antrim County and found that the Dominion machines used there accurately counted ballots throughout the county. Officials also conducted a statewide audit exercise, by hand-counting votes cast for president on more than 18,000 ballots randomly selected across the state, which affirmed the outcome of the presidential election as previously determined by tabulation machines.

Further, audits of absentee ballot-counting boards found that significantly more were in balance or explained than had been at the close of the county canvass. This means that in each of those boards the number of ballots matched the number of names in the poll book, or that the imbalance could be explained in such a way that the counting board would be recountable. The finding underscores the accuracy of the counting boards and that county canvassers needed more time to finish the canvass process. Secretary Benson proposed giving them an additional week in her legislative agenda to advance the vote and protect democracy.

The audit report is available here.

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