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The Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) allows individuals to file with the Department of State a complaint that alleges a violation of the MCFA has occurred.  Complaints are filed with and investigated by the Bureau of Elections.  If you have any questions, consult the Process & Instructions Guidebook or contact the Bureau of Elections.

File a Complaint

File a campaign finance complaint with the Department.  Upon completion, mail the form and all evidence supporting your claim to the Bureau of Elections.  The MCFA requires the complaint contain specific elements.  Use of this form is not required, but this form ensures your complaint complies with the MCFA’s requirements.

Process & Instructions Guidebook

Prior to filing the complaint, review the Guidebook.  This publication provides information on how to complete the complaint form and provides general information on the complaint investigatory process.

Resolved Complaints

The MCFA requires the Department post all complaints that have been investigated and all investigatory documents upon the conclusion of the investigation.  Go to Resolved Complaints to review complaints that have been resolved by the Department.