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Summary of PA 119 of 2017

PA 119 of 2017 implements a number of significant changes to Michigan's Campaign Finance Act (MCFA).  The most significant changes include:

  1. Creates a new category of committee, Independent Expenditure Committee (SuperPACs), and specifies registration, filing requirements and specific regulations for this new committee type.  These changes were prompted by the 2010 US Supreme Court decision commonly known as the Citizens United Decision.
  2. Requires the Annual Campaign Statement be filed by local committees as it was prior to 2014.
  3. Changes the filing official for certain Independent Expenditure Reports under Section 51 and provides for the assessment of late filing fees for missed or late-filed reports.
  4. Requires committees to provide an email address to the filing official.

We are working to update our manuals, forms and publications to reflect the changes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.