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Secretary Benson applauds Whitmer directives on transparency

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today applauded Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on signing a series of executive directives designed to bring a new level of transparency and ethics to state government.

“The Center for Public Integrity has consistently ranked Michigan last among the states when it comes to transparency and accountability,” Benson said today. “I wholeheartedly support Governor Whitmer for sending a message and more importantly, ensuring, that transparency in state government will be a top priority going forward.”

Transparency and ethics in state government is a top priority for Benson, who has called for:

  • Increased and instant transparency and disclosure
  • A ban on foreign money in Michigan elections
  • Eliminating the potential for quid pro quo corruption
  • Lobby reform
  • Personal financial disclosure for public officials
  • Expansion of FOIA law

This week Benson directed that a higher profile link to Campaign Finance Disclosure be added to the Department of State’s website home page to make it easier for people to access campaign finance information.



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