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Department of State suspends Saginaw auto dealership for violations

The Department of State has suspended the registration of Saginaw used-vehicle dealer Butterfields Used Cars & Wholesaling, 4756 Dixie Highway, after the dealer failed to comply with requests by regulation agents to inspect dealership records.

Regulatory staff attempted a facility and records inspection of Butterfields on Jan. 11 following a consumer complaint. The owner, Carey Butterfield, refused to cooperate and refused the inspection of facility records. On Jan. 24, a follow-up inspection was attempted; the owner told the agent he would provide the information by Jan. 29, but no records were forthcoming. The agent contacted the owner again by phone Feb. 22 and left a message. To date, the owner still has refused to provide the requested records for inspection as required by law.

A summary suspension was served March 28 and applies to both the dealership and repair facility at Butterfields because the complaint investigated involved the repair of a vehicle the consumer had bought from the dealership.

Laws requiring detailed recordkeeping protect against the sale of stolen vehicles and parts and ensure the vehicle buyer receives a valid title and proper registration.

The Department of State’s Office of Investigative Services inspects and investigates automotive-related businesses. Consumers who have a complaint against Butterfields Used Cars & Wholesaling are encouraged to call the Office of Investigative Services automotive complaint line at 517-335-1410.

Dealers may request an administrative hearing to contest their suspension and may regain their license if they show they’ve complied with the law. Additional administrative actions are also possible.


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