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Secretary Benson testifies before Congress on election security

WASHINGTON – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today gave congressional testimony on election security before the Committee on House Administration.

Benson emphasized the federal government’s important role as a partner for work in securing elections to succeed at any level.

“That role best manifests in three forms: resources, setting standards and establishing protections, and setting a cooperative and bipartisan tone,” she said.

Using Michigan’s election system as an example, Benson discussed the importance of election security related to voter registration and data, the process of voting and the transmission of election results.

She also testified about the importance of upgrading voting technology, auditing election results, improving reporting of election night results, preparing for emergencies and ensuring accurate information sharing with the public.

“I am encouraged by the bipartisanship and spirit of cooperation that exists among election officials in our state and across the country, particularly when it comes to election security,” Benson said.

Read the written testimony Benson filed with the committee.


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