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Department of State suspends dealership in Detroit for violations

The Michigan Department of State has suspended the registration of Detroit used-vehicle dealer Angel Motors, 24540 W. Seven Mile Road, after the dealer failed to provide dealership records requested by regulation agents.

Department regulatory staff attempted a lot and records inspection April 4 during established business hours and found the facility closed and the gates surrounding the premises locked. No representatives for the dealership, owned by Brianna McCombs, were on site, and the agent was unable to inspect the dealership’s records. On April 10, the agent returned to conduct an inspection, and the dealership couldn’t produce records, including purchase agreements and titles, for some vehicles. The suspension was served April 18, and the dealership since has been in contact with the department to close out its business and liquidate inventory.

Laws requiring detailed recordkeeping protect against the sale of stolen vehicles and parts and ensure the vehicle buyer receives a valid title and proper registration.

The Department of State’s Office of Investigative Services inspects and investigates automotive-related businesses. Consumers who have a complaint against Angel Motors are encouraged to call the Office of Investigative Services automotive complaint line at 517-335-1410.

Dealers may request an administrative hearing to contest their suspension and may regain their license if they show they’ve complied with the law. Additional administrative actions are also possible.


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