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Department of State suspends Flint auto dealer for violations

FLINT – The Michigan Department of State has suspended the registration of Midtown Auto Sales, 3419 W. Pasadena Ave., Flint, after the facility failed to comply with requests by regulation agents to inspect facility records.

Department of State regulatory staff conducted an inspection at Midtown Auto Sales, owned by Jimmy Barnes, on Oct. 29. Barnes failed to provide the records in violation of state law. Furthermore, there were no external signs for the dealership, and its business hours weren’t posted. A department regulation agent attempted a follow-up inspection Jan. 29, and dealership staff again were unable to produce the requested records. As the location now is occupied by a towing company, the summary suspension was mailed June 26 to Barnes’ home address. Barnes met with department representatives July 2 in a preliminary conference but was unable to produce the records. The summary suspension will remain in effect until he can do so.

Consumers who have a complaint against Midtown Auto Sales are encouraged to call the Office of Investigative Services automotive complaint line at 517-335-1410.



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