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Secretary Benson exploring options for May elections

Secretary Benson exploring options for May elections

LANSING — Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is exploring options to ensure the May 5 elections do not put public health at risk.

“I want to ensure Michiganders maintain their democratic right to vote without putting their health or the health of our clerks and election workers at risk,” said Benson. “All options are on the table, including conducting the election by mail.”

Hundreds of jurisdictions are slated to participate in the May elections, which give residents the opportunity to vote on numerous local issues, including school district bonds and millages.

“We’ve heard from some jurisdictions that they would be happy to consolidate their current issues into the August election,” said Benson. “We would like to provide them that option, while still ensuring that those jurisdictions that need to hold an election in May are able to do so in a safe manner.”

Benson, the Bureau of Elections, and Governor Whitmer and her administration continue to discuss how to move forward.

“Governor Whitmer and her team are also committed to protecting our public health and our democracy,” said Benson. “Our conversations have been fruitful, and I look forward to taking action soon.”

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