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Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission semifinalist list updated to 180 applicants

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Legislative leaders strike 20 applicants in accordance with state constitution

The Michigan Department of State posted the names of the remaining 180 semifinalists for the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, following the removal of 20 applicants struck by the quadrant leaders of the state Legislature. The list of the remaining semifinalists and correspondence from the legislative leaders naming the applicants they removed are available at

The Michigan Constitution designates authority to the leaders of both parties in the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate to strike up to five applicants from the randomly selected pool of 200 semifinalists, which was performed by the Michigan Department of State in June. The names of the 20 total applicants who were removed were delivered to the Michigan Department of State today and, after notification had been sent to the applicants, posted online.

The random selection for the 13 commissioners will be drawn from the 180 remaining applicants by September 1, as is required by the Michigan Constitution. In the case that a selected commissioner chooses not to serve, the constitution allows for commissioners to resign, at which time new commissioners would be randomly selected from the remaining pool of semifinalists.

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