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Secretary of State initiatives to register more than 100,000 citizens to vote

Secretary of State mailings are expected to register more than 100,000 citizens as voters, based on current responses to the letters and upcoming registration deadlines.

“Michigan citizens want to vote. We have seen record-breaking turnout through the year and are on pace to break more turnout records in the general election,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “When more people participate in our elections our government is a better reflection of the will of the people and our democracy is stronger.”

The Michigan Department of State announced previously that it would send out approximately 700,000 letters to citizens who have a Michigan driver’s license or state identification card and were eligible but not registered to vote in Michigan. These mailers invited recipients to register to vote by going online or by returning the enclosed card to the Secretary of State. Approximately 130,000 of the citizens who received a letter conducted a transaction at a Secretary of State branch office after automatic voter registration was required by the state constitution but before it had been implemented. These citizens were given the opportunity to opt-out of voter registration.

The mailings were sent as part of the state’s participation in Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which is used by states across the country to ensure the accuracy of their voter registration lists, and in coordination with the state’s implementation of automatic voter registration after voters passed Proposal 2018-3. Together, these programs are on track to result in more than 100,000 newly registered Michigan citizens, based on voters who registered online, registered by returning the mailing, or are being registered automatically.  

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