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Random selection to be held to replace redistricting commissioner after resignation

Per the Michigan Constitution, a random selection will take place Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 11:15 a.m. to replace a commissioner who has resigned from the 13-member Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. The constitution anticipated and provided for replacement scenarios for commissioners, including through resignation, and outlined the process of replacing them.

The commissioner, who was unaffiliated with either political party, will be replaced by another unaffiliated applicant from the remaining pool of 167 semifinalists that were drawn this summer to be representative of the geographic and demographic makeup of the state. Glenn Shaw submitted a letter of resignation to the Michigan Department of State over the weekend, explaining due to changes in personal circumstances he did not believe he could continue serving on the Commission.

Rehmann LLC, the independent accounting firm that conducted the previous semifinalist and commissioner drawings will perform the random selection using the same process and technology as the random selection of the 13 commissioners, which took place in August.

The event will be livestreamed on Michigan Department of State social media accounts. For more information visit

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