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Hand audit of all Presidential Election votes in Antrim County confirms previously certified results, voting machines were accurate

A hand audit by bipartisan election officials of all the votes cast for president in Antrim County confirmed today that the result certified last month by the bipartisan Board of Antrim County canvassers was accurate. The audit proved again that the disinformation campaign surrounding Antrim’s presidential election and its use of Dominion vote-tabulation machines was completely meritless.

“Today’s full audit in Antrim County confirmed the truth and affirmed the facts: Dominion’s voting machines accurately tabulated the votes cast for president in Antrim County,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “It is time for the disinformation campaigns to stop, and for elected and other leaders on both sides of the aisle to unequivocally affirm that the election was secure and accurate.”

In the hand-tallied total, when compared with the machine-tabulated and certified results the net difference was only 12 votes out of 15,718 total votes.

Previously Certified Results
Trump: 9,748
Biden:    5,960

Hand-Tallied Audit Results (preliminary)
Trump:  9,759
Biden:    5,959

The slight differences in counts were in line with what is typically seen in hand recounts, as human counters may not award a vote to a pen mark on a ballot oval, where the machine counted it as a vote, or vice-versa. Human counters might also identify invalid write-in votes that need to be awarded to a different candidate. But the fact that the totals are so close confirms that the reporting error prior to certification was not related to tabulation, as has been falsely claimed without evidence.

The audit of the Antrim County presidential votes was a zero-limit risk-limiting audit, meaning it confirmed to absolute certainty that the outcome of the presidential election in Antrim County was correct by tallying every vote cast for president. In January, the Bureau of Elections and local and county clerks will complete a statewide risk-limiting audit of the Presidential Election in which a random sample of ballots will be drawn statewide. It is expected to affirm that ballot-counting machines were accurate across the state, as was demonstrated by a pilot statewide risk-limiting audit following Michigan’s March 10 Presidential Primary Election.

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