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Final numbers from Antrim County audit continue to affirm accuracy of election results

The finalized numbers released today from the Antrim County hand-tallied audit yesterday continue to affirm the accuracy of the Nov. 3 general election certified results. The final numbers — 9,759 for Donald Trump and 5,959 for Joe Biden — represent a net gain of 12 votes for Trump, largely mirroring the machine-tabulation results from Nov. 3.

“With these final numbers, we again have conclusive proof of the safety, security and accuracy of the election results in Antrim,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “The time has come for those in positions of authority to live up to their obligation to put conspiracy theories about the election outcome thoroughly to bed. We will continue to conduct audits throughout the state, and I am confident they will be to the same end — to reinforce that the Nov. 3 election was the most secure election in Michigan’s history.”

Slight differences in counts were in line with what is typically seen in hand ballot counts, as human counters may not award a vote to a pen mark on a ballot oval, where the machine counted it as a vote, or vice-versa. Human counters may also identify invalid write-in votes that need to be awarded to a different candidate. Only one precinct saw a candidate vote total change by more than three votes, which may have been partially a result of a hand counting error.

The closeness of the results to the previously certified Nov. 3 totals confirms the reporting error prior to certification was not related to the tabulation equipment, despite the proliferation of meritless conspiracy theories stating otherwise.

A copy of the full results by precinct is available here.

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