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Statement from Tracy Wimmer, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State, on MIGOP Co-Chair Ron Weiser's disturbing remarks

"It is horrifically reckless and unconscionable that anyone in a position of leadership or authority - knowing full well that violent rhetoric can lead to violent acts - would make such incendiary comments targeting public officials in our state, especially after the FBI thwarted a plot to kidnap the governor last year and insurrectionists attempted to stage a national coup less than three months ago. Yet it is a sad and desperate continuation of what we've come to expect from the leader of a party that sent busloads of people to that insurrection, and whose colleagues met with the very militia group that attempted the kidnapping.

Secretary Benson and her colleagues have experienced firsthand how this rhetoric is later used as justification for very real threats made against government officials, election administrators and democracy itself. Any leader who does not resoundingly denounce this kind of behavior and attitude is complicit in their silence. If we're ever going to be able to move forward and begin solving the problems facing the people of this state in a bipartisan manner, comments like this need to stop."

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