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Statement from Jake Rollow, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State, on state Sen. Ed McBroom's letter

"Secretary Benson and her staff have worked closely with members of the state Senate and Legislature for several months and will continue to do so. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous. However, the Oversight Committee and its members have on several occasions taken action and made statements to undermine public faith in our democracy by spreading misinformation about the 2020 elections. Secretary Benson has repeatedly affirmed that she cannot in good conscience participate in such a charade, particularly after multiple members of the committee recently sponsored legislation to restrict the right to vote and, among other things, undermine Michigan voters' state constitutional right to vote absentee.  The Secretary does appreciate the good faith with which members of the Legislature on both sides of the aisle have embraced components of her Advance the Vote, Protect Democracy plan and looks forward to further discussions in the weeks ahead."
A copy of the Secretary's letter to Sen. McBroom is available here.

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