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Jurisdictions across the state hold smooth, successful Aug. 3 elections

The nearly 400 jurisdictions with elections Aug. 3 reported a smooth, successful Election Day, with hundreds of thousands of Michiganders choosing to vote from home by casting absentee ballots.

"Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Michigan citizens voted in local elections throughout our state and made one thing abundantly clear: they wholeheartedly embrace the new, secure options they have to vote," said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. "Whether they chose to cast their vote before Election Day at home, through the mail, or at their clerk's office, or in person on Election Day itself, they can have faith in all of these methods and in the security of our elections."

Unofficial results were tabulated quickly and efficiently, including in Detroit, where the majority of absentee ballot totals were unofficially reported Tuesday evening with the remainder completed very early this morning. Absentee ballot counting locations and polling places were calm and orderly, with voters able to get in and out quickly, and election officials across the state reporting smooth operations at every step of the process.

"Michigan's successful local elections also demonstrate again the enormous integrity and dedication of hundreds of election officials and thousands of poll workers across the state," said Secretary Benson. "These men and women worked diligently and with a commitment to ensuring that no matter how a voter cast their ballot, they could be confident it would count and their voice heard."

Statewide Totals

Registered Voters with Applicable Elections Absentee Ballots Cast Percentage of Registered Voters
Casting Absentee Ballots
Aug. 2017 1,645,055 73,836 4.5
Aug. 2021* 2,469,329 267,109 10.8

*Numbers reflect unofficial results

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