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Benson lawmakers tour Department branch offices in Muskegon Grand Rapids

Today, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson continued her tour of Department of State branch locations with visits to offices in Muskegon and Grand Rapids.

"I'm proud of our service-driven model, where customers can schedule their visit ahead of time or walk up to an office unannounced and be able to be seen right away, within the same day, or the following day," said Benson. "With more options to conduct transactions outside of our branches than ever before, our model allows residents to do business where and when it is convenient for them."

Area lawmakers joined Benson in discussions with branch staff and customers, aiming to continue building upon the Department's service driven model using their feedback. As has been consistently seen in other branch visits across the state customers and staff described a notable positive difference in operations as compared to previous years.

"The services provided at our Secretary of State offices are essential to our everyday lives, and I'm excited to see them up and running," said state Rep. Rachel Hood (D-Grand Rapids). "Visiting one of the local branch offices today with Secretary Benson gave me the opportunity to see firsthand how that process is going and to share ideas. I'm confident that Secretary Benson and her department's improvements will make visiting a branch location or doing business online even easier than before the pandemic with the Legislature's continued support. I look forward to seeing how the Legislature and the Secretary can continue to deliver much-needed improvements to aging systems."

"Like the employees at the 28th St. SE Branch, Secretary Benson has shown dedication to helping our residents throughout the pandemic and beyond," Sen. Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) said. "It was a pleasure to walk through the office with her and hear from residents and employees alike about what needs remain and where services can be improved. We will take these suggestions to heart when the Legislature reconvenes to ensure our residents have the smoothest, most efficient interactions possible to get what they need, when they need it."

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