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Statement from Tracy Wimmer on the recovery of Adams Township missing election equipment

"Protecting the security of Michigan's election system is at the forefront of Secretary Benson's responsibility as the state's chief election officer - that's one of the reasons our 2020 election was the most secure election in Michigan history. She has and will continue to utilize every legal tool available to protect the integrity of our democracy, particularly at a time when disinformation and false conspiracies continue to escalate.

The missing election equipment from Adams Township was recovered by the Michigan State Police from the township hall today, and the investigation to determine if it was tampered with is ongoing. In the interim, the Secretary will continue fighting to hold accountable anyone who threatens the integrity or security of Michigan elections.

We do not have further comment on the specifics of any matter that is currently the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, but we will and do refer any suspected violation of state or federal election law to the proper authorities."

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