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Department of State takes action against driver education provider in Eben Junction

EBEN JUNCTION - The Michigan Department of State (MDOS) has suspended the operations of an Eben Junction driving school after the provider was found to be in violation of the Driver Education Provider and Instructor Act.

Maki Driving School, Inc, located at Box 134 Jokippi Road N6327 in Eben Junction, was issued a summary suspension on August 16 after an investigation by MDOS found the provider failed to maintain required student records, falsified records and issued certificates of completion to students who did not attend or complete course requirements. The driving school is owned by Marvin Maki as a private business, which he lists on documents with the state as “Maki Driving School, Inc.”

MDOS will be seeking revocation of the provider’s certificate.

MDOS inspects and investigates driver education providers and testing businesses. Consumers who have a complaint against Maki Driving School are encouraged to file a complaint online. The Department of State cannot issue certificates to students who participated in the courses, and consumers may seek remedy by filing a formal criminal complaint and/or pursuing civil litigation.

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