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MDOS mobile office brings services directly to Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County residents

The Michigan Department of State (MDOS) mobile office visited Ann Arbor this week, providing services and conducting transactions for returning citizens, those dealing with housing insecurity, and community members who otherwise struggle to access branch services.

“I believe in making government work for the people of Michigan, and that’s why we continue partnering with community organizations that allow us to bring services directly to where residents need them,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “From doubling the number of transactions that can be conducted online, to increasing the number of self-service stations in grocery stores across the state, to the launch of our mobile offices, we will continue working to ensure Michigan citizens have access to the services they need, where and when they need them.”

The event was organized in partnership with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health (WCCMH), the Ann Arbor Police Department, the Delonis Center and SOS Community Services. The MDOS mobile office launched in September 2021 and has partnered with community organizations throughout southeast Michigan to assist thousands of Michiganders who cannot travel to a branch office or have limited access to the internet. People with housing challenges, health concerns, or who are recently returning citizens may have trouble securing an official state ID, presenting a significant barrier to employment, education, and housing. The mobile office also travels to senior centers, foster care facilities, and residential treatment centers.

“Being able to host the mobile office at our Ann Arbor location is an innovative option for our at-risk citizens to obtain services when barriers of homelessness, mental illness, and income exist. Of particular need among clients is the ability to obtain state ID which is vital for housing, employment, and many other crucial needs,” said John Stacy, clinical supervisor at WCCMH. “The mobile office is an example of state, municipal, and non-profits entities working together to problem solve difficulties for those with the most need. WCCMH is grateful for the relationship it has with MDOS and its eagerness to be at our locations. WCCMH also would like to thank the efforts of the Ann Arbor Police Department for initiating the discussion to bring the mobile office directly to our clients.”

“On behalf of the Ann Arbor Police, I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the MDOS mobile office as well as WCCMH,” said Ann Arbor Interim Chief of Police Aimee Metzer. “The Ann Arbor Police Department has always been committed to looking for innovative ways to facilitate relationships with community members. In the recent past many of our officers have come across individuals in need of services provided by MDOS, such as needing identification for housing or employment. We are confident that this partnership allows us to continue to build upon our relationship with the community and support individuals who need services that they would not otherwise be able to receive.”

The mobile offices offer nearly all Secretary of State transactions except testing. Visitors can apply for and renew their driver’s licenses and state IDs, update their address, register to vote and transfer vehicle titles. MDOS plans to launch two additional mobile offices in central and west Michigan next month.

Community organizations that would like to host a mobile office can get more information and apply online, at

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