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Statement of Secretary Benson on felony indictments related to 2020 presidential election

Today, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson made the following statement on charges filed in Michigan and in federal court today against the former president and several other individuals for their alleged attempts to interfere with the results of the 2020 presidential election: 
“The 2020 election was secure, transparent and the results were an accurate reflection of the will of the people. Following the election, an unprecedented, nationally coordinated attempt to overturn those results and spread false conspiracies - through meritless lawsuits, sham legislative hearings, illegal access to voting machines, and attempts to intervene with the counting and certification of legal votes - directly led to violent attacks aimed at election officials, members of law enforcement, Congress, and many others.
"Today’s charges against several individuals involved in these schemes are an important step towards legal accountability and consequences for those involved in this effort.  As an attorney and as Michigan’s Chief Election Officer, I’m grateful for the work of those whose meticulous, professional, fact-based investigations led to these indictments.
"I look forward to seeing the judicial process and other investigations proceed while all of us here in Michigan and nationwide, embrace our collective responsibility to speak the truth, ensure voter confidence in our elections, and work to protect and defend every voice and every vote."

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