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Secretary Benson calls on Congress to support President's recommendation for election security funding

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today made the following statement urging Congress to adopt President Biden's funding recommendations to support Michigan's election workers and infrastructure over the next decade:
"On Tuesday, I testified before the U.S. Senate Rules Committee about the challenges local election officials face with misinformation supercharged by Artificial Intelligence, threats to security, and the need to protect voters. These issues demonstrate why election security funding is more important now than ever before. These are nation-scale problems, and they require a nation-scale response. 
"I am grateful to see the President has proposed strong and sustained funding - $1.625 billion for Fiscal Year 2025 and a total of $5 billion over 10 years - to support local election officials and the safe, secure, and free administration of elections across the country.
"A recent national poll showed that 69% of Americans — including 74% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans — believe that the federal government should be equally, or more, responsible for election funding than local municipalities and state governments. I urge members of Congress to support this budget recommendation and ensure secretaries of state, local clerks, and local election workers have what is needed to protect our democracy and ensure the American promise of one person, one vote."

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